• Parsing JSON fields in AWS Log Insights

    This just took me too long to figure out to not write down somewhere! Say you have a log of the form: My reading of the log insights docs made me think this ought to work: Because you’re wanting to parse the message field out of the JSON. But it won’t, because rather than interpreting […]

  • Making a Raspberry Pi into a WiFi-to-Ethernet bridge for an M1 Macbook Pro

    Making a Raspberry Pi into a WiFi-to-Ethernet bridge for an M1 Macbook Pro

    I have an M1 Macbook Pro and a thunderbolt dock, and I am suffering what seems to be a reasonably normal experience of often-poor net connections: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/441705/m1-macbook-pro-drops-wifi-periodically My dock (a CalDigit) doesn’t have its own WiFi chipset (quite reasonably – what am I going to plug into it that doesn’t have its own?) but it […]

  • Modern laptops are quite good, actually

    Modern laptops are quite good, actually

    There’s some talk in the bits of the Internet I hang out in around how poor modern laptops are. As expected (given the bits of the Internet I frequent) a lot of this boils down to the way modern laptops are not Thinkpads. The most recent thing I read was An Epitaph To Laptops and, […]

  • Grafana on k3s (with metallb and nginx)

    Grafana on k3s (with metallb and nginx)

    This is a follow-on from my earlier post, but hopefully k8s is consistent enough that you don’t need to know that. Sadly, this is less helmy :( Use the Prometheus-operator We’ll use the prometheus operator to install and configure prometheus. First, let’s get everything created. This will clone a git repo then create a bunch […]

  • K3S with metallb and nginx-ingress

    K3S with metallb and nginx-ingress

    I followed Greg Jeanmart’s tutorial for this a few years back, but things have changed, as they always do in k8s! I’m also lazy and like to steer close to Helm installing stuff. This is all on a Debian machine who’s hostname is nuc Install K3s First, install k3s, without servicelb (we will use metallb) […]

  • Learning MacOS

    Learning MacOS

    I’ve just taken a job where I get a Macbook, and here I’m going to keep track of some problems I hit and what their solutions are. This is not a flamey list of things that are awful about MacOS so much as a list of things macos does that are unlike what I’m used […]

  • The Zumo XT is much better than the 346

    The Zumo XT is much better than the 346

    I’ve bought another Garmin :) In planning our trip to World Ducati Week it became clear I’d be navigating, and the weather would be unpredictable. I’ve found that whenever I have a problem with a phone navigation it’s my fault, but if the Garmin goes wrong then that’s expected, so I decided to at least […]

  • On Slack

    On Slack

    I’ve seen email decleared to be ‘legacy’, in favour of Slack. I think this is misguided. But I also think email is far from perfect and Slack’s not going anywhere so it’s worth thinking about the problems and how to work around them. It’s interrupting I think the most immediately-obvious problem is that it’s very […]

  • kubectl port-forward and the lost art of bash job control

    kubectl port-forward and the lost art of bash job control

    A really common part of debugging stuff in k8s is to create a port-forward and then open a new shell and do a thing. Which is fine and easy when you’re port-forwarding to the machine you’re actually sat at, but less so when you’re not.

  • Good Meetings

    Good Meetings

    I’m having a lot of meetings at the moment, for a bunch of different reasons, and with different people. I’ve settled on some principles that I think are universally true: All meetings are optional If someone doesn’t want to be in a meeting then they probably won’t gain anything from being there, and nor will […]

  • Perl Language server in VS Code

    Perl Language server in VS Code

    Thanks to Grinnz via haxmeister: Do cpan PLS and then install this plugin:

  • Satnav Features

    Satnav Features

    There’s a number of features of a satnav that seem really obvious, yet many or most don’t have them. This is another conversation I keep having, so here’s my list. If you’re building a satnav, please steal these ideas! Rest-stop preferences Let’s say you’re travelling to Edinburgh from Frome and your fuel and comfort ranges […]

  • Podcasts

    I keep talking to people about podcasts, so here’s my list of the ones I’ve probably recommended at you: Ones I listen to regularly Do The Right thing – Comedy panel show where guests have to figure out the right way to respond to given situations. More comedy than panel show. Something Rhymes With Purple […]

  • Garmin Zumo 346 “Review”

    Garmin Zumo 346 “Review”

    I’ve spent a long time using various Android phones and apps to navigate on a motorbike, and mostly been unimpressed with dedicated satnavs. I’ve written a not-unbiased comparison of dedicated units with phones and generally while I’m not completely satisfied with the app offerings, they do seem better than using a dedicated unit. I did, […]

  • XT660R


    Numbers Equivalent parts The brake pads are the same (both front and rear) as a Husky 701 Footpegs are compatible with the XT250 (08-18), YZ/WR 125/250/500 (91-96), YZ80 (91-04), XTZ750 Super Ten (89-18) and Husky TC85: https://pivotpegz.com/search?q=PP-16

  • Toolroll

    “What tools do you carry” is something that’s come up a few times on forums I’m on recently, and the raft of issues at the Taffy last week vindicated my tool selection :) On any ride that I think about, I take my tool roll. This is generally on the Tiger 800 or WR450, but […]

  • IP address changes

    IP address changes

    All my IP addresses have rather hurriedly changed. If you’re using the names below, you’ll be fine and when the DNS changes propagate (~3h) everything will work again. If you’re not, you’ll need to update things. Ideally to using the names :) fairygodmother.avi.co is now the same IP address as bigbadwolf.avi.co, not just the same […]

  • Tiger 800

    Tiger 800

    Here’s a load of info about the Tiger 800. I’ve got a 2012 one, so this is mostly about that shape, but I’ve noted where I know things are irrelevant to the new ones. Expect this to change as I find things. :) I’ve a manual, data sheet and service schedule for the bike (pre-2015), […]