TCX Sport SS Boots

First Impressions
Er, pretty good, really. Not expensive, not Gore Tex either. Fit really well, are light and comfy. Feel very thin. Zip looks a little weak.

About a week later
I bought these two days before riding to Newquay, which might’ve been a gamble, but actually turned out to be incrediby fortuitous. I bought them to replace my AlpineStars Web Gore Tex which received rave reviews and were mostly waterproof. 100 miles (Wareham to about Exeter) of rain, and then 80 miles (the length of the A30) of fog later, water hadn’t penetrated. Given the lightness of the boot, I was _really_ surprised. The warmth was a bit lacking, though.

About a month later
Nothing to report, really. Still working, doing their job.