Windows Browser Ballot

Mildly controversially, MS have found themselves compelled to offer Windows users in the EU a ‘browser ballot’ screen in an effort to make IE a less default choice, which is fairly understandable (if perhaps not understandably fair).

But MS have decided for some reason that the best way to do this is is render it as a web page in IE8. So before making an unbiased decision with no leading questions, you’ve already had to configure IE8.

MS Windows Browser Chooser

I was going to post about the crapness of IE8’s multiple configuration dialogues, but this is more amusing.

UI Fail: scanpst.exe’s incompatibility

Sometimes, on trying to scan a PST with MS Office’s bundled scanpst.exe, you get the below error:

"An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped"

And a log that ends:

Fatal Error: 80040818

What MS meant to say was:

You’re scanning an Office 2003 PST file with the scanpst tool that shipped with Office 2007. For some reason, we decided that while Outlook 2007 can cope with both, scanpst can’t

In an attempt at usefulness:
On my WinXP/Office 2007 box, scanpst is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\SCANPST.EXE and downloadable here.

On our Server03/Office03 box, it’s at C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\SCANPST.EXE1 and downloadable here.

I’ve no idea if these downloads are of any real use. Try them and see.

  1. I’m told the ‘1033’ pertains to geographic location, but I’ve no real idea. Browse if it’s not there. []

UI Fail: Windows XP ‘runas’ dialogue box

On right-clicking an executable1 in XP and choosing `Run As…’, you are presented with the below box.

How on earth is ‘Current user’ a reasonable default value? If I wanted to run it as me, I’d just double-click it…

  1. Though not every executable. If you want to run something in the control panel, probably the most common place to want to runas, you need to shift+right-click. Several MSI files don’t do it, and nor do any apparent CAB files. Let alone the inability to directly open a non-executable file as someone else. []