Metal Mule pannier frames and a Fuel exhaust on a Tiger 800

The exhaust pipe on the Tiger is ginormous so almost all luggage options require assymetric panniers which look daft. Metal Mule, however, sell a set of their hard-bastard frames in a symmetrical form, for use with with a new narrower silencer (a rebranded Scorpion).

That silencer costs £250 and, since the only reason for it is the narrowness, I thought I’d try a cheaper one. I tend to default to Fuel for cheap exhaust pipes, and their narrower silencer for the tiger is only £150.

But neither Fuel nor Metal Mule will say for sure that the pipe will fit (Metal Mule are nice enough to not insist on my buying their Scorpion, though, and suggest that “it really should, but we can’t guarantee it”).

Turns out it does!

tiger 800 metal mule rack

The rack does actually foul the linkpipe, though, but I’ve drilled a sidestand puck to space it out a bit:

tiger 800 metal mule rack fuel exhaust gap

and the gap I was concerned about (between the frame and silencer) is fine:

metal mule rack frame fuel exhaust gap